My Very First Patch

Hello folks! Really sorry for not being able to blog for sometime now. Got too many stuffs at hand. Finding it really hard to cope up with all the pressure. 😦 But, today I made it a point to keep aside all other engagements and blog about the significant event that took place last night. 🙂

Last night in #dgplug, Kushal asked me to go through the documentation page on retask and to install redis and python-redis and also to clone the repository. After installing the needful, I went on to clone the repo using “git clone git://” as was given in But I got a fatal error stating that the repository was not found. After stating this to Kushal, he asked me clone the repo using “git clone git://”(you see, the git repository I was trying to clone belonged to Kushal himself). He also asked me to fix this bug that I had discovered moments ago. I was enthralled as this would be my first ‘real-world’ problem to fix. With Kushal’s help I was able to fix the bug in no time. 😀

After making the change locally, I made my very first patch and mailed it to Kushal who soon added the change upstream. Inspite of the job being very trivial, it taught me many things about git config, creating patches and commiting and, above all, gave me the courage and confidence to take up bigger and more significant tasks. 🙂 Thank You Kushal. Eagerly looking forward to accomplishing the next task that I get. 🙂


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