Entering the world of KDE.

Let me begin with apologizing for not being able to blog for a long time now, thanks to my numerous work engagements at college. šŸ˜¦ Anyway, I’d rather switch to the main topic of discussion now.

When I started using Fedora exactly two years ago, I had the liberty of choosing my desktop environment from the two most extensively used DE-s, namely KDE and GNOME. After using GNOME for the first few weeks, I changed over to KDE and trust me, since then, I never wanted to switch over to any other desktop environment (no offence meant), thanks to the awesome user experience. Within a very short period of time (since I started using KDE) I was seriously considering the idea of contributing to my favourite desktop environment. The problem for me was ‘choosing your favourite application where you exactly want to contribute’ (’cause I had so many).

In January, 2013 while playing Klickety (one of my favourite KDE Games), I came across a very annoying bug (BUG: 284309) and wanted it to be removed immediately. I cloned the source, looked up the code and made a minor change that fixed the bug and eventually made my first commit, thanks to the help from Albert Astals Cid (IRC nick: tsdgeos), Viranch Mehta (IRC nick: viranch) and the entire KDE-Games community. So, voila! There I had made my very first contribution to KDE (yayie!). \o/

Its been a few months now that I have been contributing patches to KDE. The feeling of seeing your commits being shipped upstream is absolutely mesmerizing, especially for a beginner. šŸ™‚ Also, I have to mention this that the people in the KDE Community are the most helpful and supportive people I’ve ever come across. So, any newbie who wants to contribute to KDE but is scared/shy to ask for help, my advice for you is that you would never find a more warm and welcoming group of people than the KDE Community. So don’t wait, start contributing! Cheers. šŸ˜€


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