GSoC: Week 5

So, lets start with the bad news: My Visa application to attend Akademy 2013 in Bilbao, Spain got rejected and so, I missed out on (a) meeting all you wonderful people, (b) giving a presentation on my GSoC project at the ‘Students Program Presentation’, and (c) organizing my very first BoF. 😦 Nevermind, there will surely be many more ‘Akademy’-s in my life. 🙂

Moving on to the good part: I am quite in pace with my stipulated GSoC time-line.

I am done with adding all the Scenario Units that I had proposed to add to the Basic Course Skeleton, namely:

  • In a Restaurant
  • At a Bank
  • In a Zoo
  • At a Job Interview
  • During an Emergency
  • Pets
  • At a Party

The Basic Course Skeleton now comprises of nineteen complete Scenario Units as shown below:


Also, I have created both the ‘ArtiKulate বাংলা’ (ArtiKulate Bengali) and the ‘ArtiKulate हिन्दी’ (ArtiKulate Hindi) courses.

In the Bengali Course, I am done with translating seven whole units to Bengali along with all the unit titles. In the translated units, all the related phonemes have also been tagged for every phrase.


Below, you can see a part of the ‘আবহাওয়া’ (Weather) scenario unit showing some words, expressions and sentences.


In the Hindi Course, all the unit titles have been translated to Hindi.


By Week 7, I will be done with translating the entire Basic Course Skeleton to Bengali as well as Hindi and the recordings for the Bengali Course should also be ready by then. In other words, the ‘ArtiKulate বাংলা’ Course will be completely ready by Week 7 and the ‘ArtiKulate हिन्दी’ Course will only have the recordings left.

BTW, all the Akademy 2013 attendees, please DO NOT forget to attend the two BoFs on Artikulate scheduled on Wednesday, July 17. The BoFs will be organized by Andreas Cord-Landwehr (IRC Nick: CoLa) on ‘Personas for Language Learning Apps’ and ‘How to contribute to Artikulate’ at 09:30 hours and 10:30 hours respectively.

Cheers! \o/


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