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Call for Recordings: American(US) English.

Hey everyone! As we, the Artikulate team, are targeting to release Artikulate this fall, we would like to invite more and more contributors to come help us with the project (which is aimed at helping users with their language learning/pronunciation skills). 🙂

This week, we would like to have contributors for our ‘American English’ Course. If you are a fluent American(US) English speaker, it would be great if you could please lend your voice for the recordings in the particular course. All you need to do is visit the Artikulate tech-base, wherein you will find the details for preparing your system to start contributing to Artikulate and the procedure for adding recordings to a language of your choice (American English, in this case). So, don’t wait, start recording. 😉

For help/guidance, please feel free to contact us through Freenode IRC at the #kde-artikulate channel. Cheers! \o/


GSoC: Week 5

So, lets start with the bad news: My Visa application to attend Akademy 2013 in Bilbao, Spain got rejected and so, I missed out on (a) meeting all you wonderful people, (b) giving a presentation on my GSoC project at the ‘Students Program Presentation’, and (c) organizing my very first BoF. 😦 Nevermind, there will surely be many more ‘Akademy’-s in my life. 🙂

Moving on to the good part: I am quite in pace with my stipulated GSoC time-line.

I am done with adding all the Scenario Units that I had proposed to add to the Basic Course Skeleton, namely:

  • In a Restaurant
  • At a Bank
  • In a Zoo
  • At a Job Interview
  • During an Emergency
  • Pets
  • At a Party

The Basic Course Skeleton now comprises of nineteen complete Scenario Units as shown below:


Also, I have created both the ‘ArtiKulate বাংলা’ (ArtiKulate Bengali) and the ‘ArtiKulate हिन्दी’ (ArtiKulate Hindi) courses.

In the Bengali Course, I am done with translating seven whole units to Bengali along with all the unit titles. In the translated units, all the related phonemes have also been tagged for every phrase.


Below, you can see a part of the ‘আবহাওয়া’ (Weather) scenario unit showing some words, expressions and sentences.


In the Hindi Course, all the unit titles have been translated to Hindi.


By Week 7, I will be done with translating the entire Basic Course Skeleton to Bengali as well as Hindi and the recordings for the Bengali Course should also be ready by then. In other words, the ‘ArtiKulate বাংলা’ Course will be completely ready by Week 7 and the ‘ArtiKulate हिन्दी’ Course will only have the recordings left.

BTW, all the Akademy 2013 attendees, please DO NOT forget to attend the two BoFs on Artikulate scheduled on Wednesday, July 17. The BoFs will be organized by Andreas Cord-Landwehr (IRC Nick: CoLa) on ‘Personas for Language Learning Apps’ and ‘How to contribute to Artikulate’ at 09:30 hours and 10:30 hours respectively.

Cheers! \o/

The month that was..

Its been more than a month since I last blogged, so, here are the updates of the month that was by far the most eventful month in my life so far.

I get a mail from my mentor, Andreas on the 2nd of May saying that I should apply for the Google Summer of Code, 2013 with Artikulate for KDE, May 3rd being the last day of proposal submission. And so I made the application which took me two hours. You’ll find the link to my proposal here. By then, I was done with adding Bengali to the list of languages in Artikulate.

What happens next is definitely one of the worst nightmares for someone like me whose lifeline is her computer. During the first week of May, the right-hand side hinge of my laptop breaks and it absolutely stops working. Thanks to the horrendous service of Dell, after a lot of trouble, I finally get back my laptop on the 28th of May. Also, I had my end semester exams starting from mid May extending upto June 1st. Precisely, these are the reasons for me not being able to blog for so long. 😦

So, now lets get to the good part. The results of GSoC 2013 and OPW 2013 came out on the 27th of May, 2013 at 19:00 hours UTC (or, 28th May, 2013 at 00:30 hours IST) and I have been selected for the Google Summer of Code, 2013 which means that I’ll be receiving a scholarship from Google for doing something that I love to, i.e., coding and that too on my favourite project, Artikulate for the whole summer under two wonderful mentors, Andreas Cord-Landwehr and Myriam Schweingruber. Yayie! \o/ And just when I was thinking that things couldn’t get any better, I get a mail on the 29th of May from Claudia Rauch saying that my request for travel and accommodation support to attend Akademy, 2013 has been granted by KDE e.V. and I was overwhelmed. Thanks a lot, you guys. Thanks for providing me with such great opportunities. I promise to give in my best and never let you down. You guys are seriously great. Cheers! 🙂